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| Junior Drama | Junior Speech | Junior Mime |

We offer Junior Speech Class, Junior Youth Theatre, and Mime Junior Class

The school places a huge emphasis on Speech Training(which used to be called Elocution) both for performance and everyday communication.

We are passionate about clear, expresssive, speech & encourage students to speak well on all occasions.Work covers speaking in public, storytelling, poetry, reading Play texts, and grade examination for Trinity Guildhall & Feis.

We introduce students to the great poets and dramatists, encouraging them to read their works. This insures that when students are obliged to study these writers for their state exams they will already be familar with these works.

The course offers work on:
1 Relaxation
2 Breathing
3 Tone
4 Modulation (Variety in Speech)
5 Clarity and Distinctness

The Children will work on:
Storytelling, Poetry Speaking & Writing, Reading Aloud,
Speech & Communication Games.

They are also introduced to the art of Mime and work is prepared for grade examination in Speech and Drama and Feiseanna. These classes are also suitable for children with SPEECH PROBLEMS and LAZY SPEECH. A work sheet containing specially selected exercises and games is supplied to each student per week at Junior level.

Class Ages:Junior 7-12

You can download a Registration form HERE
You can download a Class Fee sheet HERE


Registration for all courses for Autumn Term takes place on:

Saturday 5th Sept 10am – 4pm
Download and complete the application form and bring with you €100 on this day to Ensure your place.


Class Fees are non Transfarable/Refundable.Class Timetables are occasionally subject to change due to insufficent numbers, if so all booking fees will be refunded.It may be neccessary to change class timtables to accommodate productions or other important events.


  Betty Ann Norton Theatre School & Agency
Cuisle Arts and Cultural Centre,
St. Louis High School, Rathmines, Dublin 6.
Tel: 01-2805921 Fax: 01-2809219

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